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Bananas Availability:
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Available year round, The Fruit Company brings in beautiful yellow Cavendish bananas for our 24 and 48 piece Wellness Program boxes.


Bananas are the epitome of the universal fruit. It seems anymore, everyone has at least tried a banana at some point in their life. While the classic yellow Cavendish banana is by far the most common, many don’t realize that America’s favorite fruit comes in many colors and sizes.  Most people know the yellow banana for it’s ease of snacking - serving as a great source of potassium, and also for it’s culinary versatility. They are of course a major ingredient in the classics like banana bread, and banana nut muffins, but also serve as an excellent base for fruit smoothies or salads. Of course, many also know it as a mandatory ingredient for the favorite sandwich of Elvis Presley – banana & peanut butter on toasted bread.


As the starch converts to sugar, the color of your banana will start to change. They’ll slowly evolve from greenish to a yellow or yellow-brown. The riper a banana is, the more pronounced and creamy the flavor. For this reason, many choose to let their bananas get overly ripe when using them for things like banana bread.