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Gourmet Fruit Tree Gifts

Shh…Your Rainier cherry tree is asleep! In the winter fruit trees lose their leaves and become dormant. Keep your tree asleep by storing in your refrigerator or a location between 32-45 degrees until temperatures are ready for planting.

Don’t want to wait? Start your cherry tree inside! Here’s how:

  1. Find a container between 15-30 inches.
  2. Fill with potting soil and a fertilizer of choice.
  3. Loosen roots gently and bury root ball and an inch of the trunk.
  4. Place in a sunny spot inside and water approximately every other day.
  5. When temperatures are above 60 degrees, follow outside planting instructions.


Planting Outside: (necessary to produce fruit)

  1. Wait until your outdoor temperature is at least 60 degrees (typical Spring).
  2. Pick a location with ample sun and room to grow about 8 feet.
  3. Dig a hole slightly deeper than the root ball and about 2x it’s width.
  4. Loosen the roots, place the tree level, back fill soil, and water.


Tip: Use stakes to keep the tree upright and level while establishing its roots.


Congratulations! You are now on your way to growing your very own cherry tree. This Rainier cherry tree was started on a dwarf root stock and created using Rainier cherry bud wood from our very own Webster Orchards in the beautiful Hood River Valley.