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Dried Fruit

Our dried fruit baskets contain a variety of fruit perfectly dried to bring out the very essence of our fruits.

Want to send someone a simple, no-fuss dessert? How about some delicious dried Mediterranean apricots or some tangy dried Angelino plums? Those are just two of the delectable types of fruit available in The Fruit Company’s dried fruit trays. You’ll also find favorites like dried apples, pears and prunes along with premium nuts like almonds and California pistachios.

Aside from the great taste of dried fruit, the top-quality dried fruit gift baskets from The Fruit Company are popular for several reasons:
They’re long lasting. Dried fruit is a great alternative to fresh if you’re sending a gift to someone who may not use it right away.
They pack a nutritious punch. For example, dried apricots are packed with vitamin A, fiber and beta-carotene.
They’re especially easy to transport. Want to bring something special along to a party or bring a gift to someone you’re visiting? Dried fruit gifts are perfect, because they’re easy to take along and they make impressive gifts.
They make excellent centerpieces. Our dried fruit and nut trays are beautifully arranged and colorful, too. They’ll brighten any table.
Want some ideas? Here are a few of The Fruit Company’s dried fruit trays:
Orchard Fruit Deluxe
Two types of apricots, plus peaches, pears and nuts.
Fruit Flower Delight
A beautifully arranged tray of dried fruit including pears, apples, kiwis and prunes.
Love Preserved
Send your message with this heart-shaped fruit tray filled with apricots, plums, peaches and pears.

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