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Life’s short:  eat dessert first.   And don’t even think of skimping on it.  The Fruit Company is here to tempt your palate with some of the most decadent and mouth-watering desserts, infused with some of your favorite ingredients.

Chocolate covered strawberries that melt in your mouth, sink-your-teeth-into chocolate mousse torte cake, blissful brownies, sensational red velvet cake, yummy carrot cake rich and luscious chocolate truffle lava cakes…these are just some of The Fruit Company’s favorite dessert delivery offerings.

The Fruit Company proudly presents a wide variety of chocolates and desserts for any recipient…and any occasion.  Do you have a friend who is watching his or her waistline?   No sugar added berries – drenched in sugar-free milk and dark chocolate provides the pleasure without the guilt.   Selecting a gift for a couple in which one is a chocoholic and the other craves orchard fresh fruit?  Dilemma solved with the chocolate dipped medley.  Looking for a gift that’s sweet and elegant?  Chocolate covered cherries and blueberries– fit the bill.

These chocolates and desserts are designed to fit the season and the occasion.  Fall classic strawberries are perfect for autumnal days (and a great choice for Halloween parties)…wedding and anniversary berries make a unique gift that will send tongues a-wagging…Valentine berries say “I love you” any time of year…and don’t get us started on the melt-in-your-mouth cheesecake.  Great gifts, perfect hostess offerings, and wonderful additions to your own dinners and parties…these fantastic-tasting dessertd are so good that you better order another one for yourself.

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Chocolate Dipped Medley CHOCOLATE DIPPED MEDLEY $69.90 *Free overnight shipping