Dried Fruit Gifts

It’s get-together time: a gathering of good friends, a surprise birthday party, a long-planned dinner event, a “ladies luncheon.”  And the centerpiece?  Why, dried fruit from The Fruit Company, of course. 

Dried fruit is one of the healthiest alternatives to refined sugar and a great way to satisfy a sweet craving.  These fast, tasty treats are perfect and they get you the much-needed vitamins and nutrients you’d ordinarily find in fruit during a jam-packed day.

What dried fruit tops the list in healthy favorites?  The answer is in the eye of the beholder!  If health benefits are foremost on your mind, it’s good to know that dried apples contain many phytonutrients (naturally occurring component of plants that provide nutrition) that act as antioxidants and as an extra plus, they taste good.

Do you love apricots?  It may surprise you to learn that the most nutritious way to eat this luscious fruit is dried…to get the utmost in fiber, vitamin A, C and iron.  Dried pears also are a great way to take in dietary fiber and vitamin C.  And prunes – which are actually dried plums – have the added benefit of regulating the digestive system.

Yet even more importantly for the palate, dried fruit is just so great-tasting!  With an intriguing combination of tastes and textures, it’s a favorite of hostesses and guests alike.  Some dried fruit trays even come complete with colossal pistachios, sesame nuts and other delights. 

If you’re the party-giver and want your guests to mingle, just place your dried fruit in the center of all the action.  And if you want to make a hit with someone you care about, consider a dried fruit tray instead of simply bringing the traditional flowers.  It’s an inspired and unique choice!

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Fruit Flower Delight FRUIT FLOWER DELIGHT $34.95
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Orchard Fruit Deluxe ORCHARD FRUIT DELUXE $44.95
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Sesame Nut & Fruit Mix SESAME NUT & FRUIT MIX $36.95
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Dried Fruit and Nut Tray DRIED FRUIT AND NUT TRAY $42.95
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Love Preserved LOVE PRESERVED $47.95