Organic Gifts

Can super delicious and super healthy coincide in harmony?  The answer is, “Absolutely.”  Organic gift boxes from The Fruit Company are perfect for anyone who cares about healthy eating.

Why have organic gift boxes and the “go green” movement soared in popularity?  For one thing, they’re believed to be healthier overall since they are grown without any kind of pesticides and artificial fertilizers. 

And, at the same time, you’re not sacrificing a thing in taste.  Many of our customers report that organic gift basket items actually taste better, since organic growth preserves the flavor.

The good news is, you have plenty of choices with organic gift boxes – more and more as the green movement takes hold. In addition to some of the most delectable fruit on the planet, you can find cheese, nuts, trail mix, lemonade, sweets and other items that have been organically grown and/or prepared. 

So what type of organic gift box should you select?  The obvious choice is a fruit basket with assorted delights such as cheese and nuts.  It’s great as a standalone gift, or might even consider adding organic tea or coffee for a lazy afternoon.

You might even find organic gift towers – stacks of beautifully wrapped boxes – or consider enrolling the recipient in an organic monthly gift club.  This is a favorite when it comes to organic gift ideas, because the lucky individual receives a new gift every month, keeping you top-of-mind.

The Fruit Company offers a wide range of organic gifts, from a beautifully presented and simple Organic Gourmet Box to an overflowing Organic Festival Fruit Basket and everything in between.

Keep in mind that organic gifts need not be limited to holidays, birthdays or anniversaries; they’re also great to celebrate your friend’s daughter’s college admission letter, the school play production, a promotion, a special favor granted.  You’re sure to find the perfect organic gift ideas for your favorite people, no matter the occasion and no matter their preferences.

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HarvestClub Organic HARVESTCLUB ORGANIC $79.95
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Organic Fruit Gift Box ORGANIC FRUIT GIFT BOX $48.95
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Organic Gift Tower ORGANIC GIFT TOWER $79.95
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Organic Festival Fruit Basket ORGANIC FESTIVAL FRUIT BASKET $199.95
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Simply Organic Fruit Basket SIMPLY ORGANIC FRUIT BASKET $64.95
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Organic Gourmet Box ORGANIC GOURMET BOX $59.95