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HarvestClub Grand Medley - 12 mo

Item Number: T622
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HarvestClub Grand Medley - 12 mo

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    Harvest Grand Fruit Basket - HarvestClub

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Every gift of the month HarvestClub™ includes free shipping. Unless otherwise noted, free shipping cannot be combined with any other promotional offer or coupon code. Fruit clubs are typically shipped the second or third week of the month but may be delayed due to harvest schedules or Mother Nature.

For optimal freshness and quality, or due to seasonality, we reserve the right to substitute certain ingredients of equal or higher value.
Net Weight: 10.0000
The grandest of all our monthly fruit clubs, this is the ultimate gift for the fruit lover in your life. A mix of hard to find fruits, like juicy Honeybell Sweets citrus, Rainier cherries, and Seckel pears are complemented with favorites such as green d’Anjou pears, nectarines and Fuji apples. You'll receive 12 months of premium fresh fruit.
January - Navel Oranges and Honeybell Sweets ( 5.80 lbs ) February - Bosc Pears and Red D'Anjou Pears ( 5.71 lbs ) March - Sugar Red Grapefruit and Starfruit ( 5.05 lbs ) April - Golden Supreme Apples and Green D'Anjou Pears ( 5.63 lbs ) May - Champagne Mangos and Kent Mangos ( 4.80 lbs ) June - Rainier Cherries ( 3.00 lbs ) July - Dark Sweet Cherries ( 3.00 lbs ) August - Hawaiian and Strawberry Papaya ( 6.41 lbs ) September - Northwest Peaches and Scarlet Nectarines ( 5.88 lbs ) October - Imperial Asian Pears and Starkrimson Pears ( 5.63 lbs ) November - Fuji Apples and Seckel Pears ( 5.40 lbs ) December - Webster Comice Pears and Pomegranate ( 6.31 lbs )