Get Well Fruit Baskets & Gifts

Is someone you know temporarily sidelined? Let them know you’re thinking of them and cheer them up with a get well gift basket from The Fruit Company.

You know the old saying, “An apple a day…” Maybe they can keep the doctor away with a mouth-watering blend of the very best apples, pears and oranges, coexisting in perfect harmony. We offer all kinds of combinations of get well fruit baskets and boxes with many varieties of fruit.

There are Fuji, Granny Smiths, Red Delicious and other mouth-watering apples… Bosc, Comice, and D’Anjou pears…and so much more. Add in some Meyer Lemon Tea, lemon honey crème, and other soothing delicacies and the “patient” will become “impatient” to get up and partake!

If you have friends up north, they can be particularly susceptible to cold-and-flu season. What better way to give them a health boost than a box brimming with Vitamin C and sunshine – the best sun-kissed navel oranges, sugar red grapefruits and Satsuma mandarins in a signature watercolor art box?

Whether someone you care about has the sniffles, is coping with a long recovery, or was injured in a sports accident, The Fruit Company get well baskets will bring a smile to a loved one’s face.

And if their recovery is likely to take a few months? Our monthly fruit selections let them know that they are kindly thought of throughout the time. HarvestClub™ orchard fresh fruit arrives month after month like clockwork and each time, they receive an eagerly awaited new delight. It’s a healthy way to show you care.
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Get Well Fruit Basket GET WELL FRUIT BASKET $49.95
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Mixed Fruit Medley MIXED FRUIT MEDLEY $59.95
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Simply Organic Fruit Basket SIMPLY ORGANIC FRUIT BASKET $64.95