Thank You Fruit Baskets & Gifts

“Thank you.” Just two simple words, but they convey so much. A thank you gift basket or box from The Fruit Company is a wonderful way to express appreciation to a friend, family member or colleague who went that extra mile for you – driving the kids to soccer, passing along the job lead, organizing a birthday party or just lending a helpful ear.

Whether you send a thank you gift basket of sun-kissed fruit or a tower of vine-ripened fruits and gourmet delights, it’s a wonderful way to acknowledge all the effort and to let them know they were a lifesaver at a time you really needed them.

Did a friend host an event in your honor or babysit your kids when you desperately needed a night out? Consider a Thank You Tower – boxes of robust fruit and tempting treats in lovely watercolor art boxes that can be reused later. It’s a thank you gift basket they’re sure to love.

Or maybe someone really went all out for you in your quest for a new job position. A Mountain of Gifts – packed with pears and apples, roasted pistachios, wild Alaska sockeye salmon, cinnamon bun popcorn and more – is the ultimate “thank you” for being so solidly on your side.

Perhaps a dear friend or family member dropped everything to be at your side when you needed a little extra support. A beautifully arranged thank you basket filled with gourmet favorites, a harvest fruit basket packed with handpicked delights, or gluten-free chocolate truffle lava cakes clearly let them know that, “They’re the greatest.”

The thing about saying, “thank you?” You can’t say it enough. And now you can say it tangibly so that they can feel your gratitude, loud and clear. Thank you baskets and thank you gift boxes from The Fruit Company are always in good taste…no matter the recipient, no matter the occasion.
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