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Past: The Roots of Our Vision

The Fruit Company started, like all good things do, with a dream and a lot of hard work. Before there even was The Fruit Company, there was Roy Webster, born at the turn of the century when just about anything was possible. While on his honeymoon, he and his bride Olive toured the lush Hood River valley of northern Oregon. This, they happily vowed, was one day going to be their home.

The rest, as they say, was history. Years later, in 1942, they returned and acquired 600 acres of prime land - called Webster Orchards - and soon were producing over 340 acres of fruit including more Comice pears than anyone else in the valley. Always the entrepreneur, Roy launched a mail-order service that sent Webster pears and apples, or, as he called them, "Oregon Gems" and "Oregon Beauties", across the region for just $7.50 a bushels.

Their son Wayne was only five years old when Webster Orchards became a reality. Together with his dad, and later on his own, he was integral in managing and promoting the operation in the Hood River Valley and taking it to its next level of success.

Present: A Concept That Has Borne Fruit

Wayne's sons, Scott and Addison, grew up in the family business of growing fruit. After leaving the valley to pursue their academic and professional careers, they returned with a renewed passion to provide superior quality fruit to customers across the nation. Their parents graciously gave them full support in charting their own path and so they quickly focused their energies on resurrecting the gift company that their grandpa Roy had launched. Soon afterwards, they began promoting "The World's Finest Fruit" under a new label, TheFruitCompany.com.

As a result of their combined business know-how and love of horticulture, The Fruit Company has grown exponentially since its inception. When the Diamond Fruit packing warehouse went up for sale - 161,000 square feet of an original timber building from their grandfather's era, nestled among the valley's orchards and hills - Scott and Addison seized the opportunity and moved the company to its permanent home at 2900 Van Horn Drive.

Today The Fruit Company has emerged as the leading online retailer of high quality orchard fresh fruit baskets and gourmet gifts. It has garnered attention from Oprah Winfrey's "O" Magazine, the top consumer reporting magazine, and most importantly, thousands of satisfied customers. As one of Oregon's Top 15 growing companies and part of Internet Retailer's Top 50 "Best of Web", the Fruit Company continues its growth track.

Future: Nurturing A Sense of Responsibility

When Addison chose to pursue other endeavors, Scott Webster took on the reins as an innovative orchardist and entrepreneur, evolving as the key ambassador of The Fruit Company brand. He continues his grandfather's visionary tradition by consistently seeking ways to improve the company's responsibility to customers and the environment.

Through ecological orchard management methods, agricultural water conservation, and environmentally friendly packaging and shipping materials, The Fruit Company leads the way in its commitment to sustainability practices. And, in its role as global corporate citizen, the company partners with organizations that work to prevent childhood hunger and teach at-risk youth about the importance of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

If you are in the area and would like to visit The Fruit Company, we open our doors each week for "Fruit Friday," a day when we offer discounted fruit and gourmet food items to locals and visitors alike. The Fruit Company is also host to the early stages of the Fruit Heritage Museum, honoring the legacy of Roy Webster and other early Hood River Valley agriculturalists. We invite you to come visit us and take part in the Webster family vision of delivering simply the best-tasting fruit baskets directly to your doorstep.