Sustainably Yours

As one of Oregon's leading premier fruit supplier and gourmet gifting company, is committed to providing healthy and nutritious food for families and business' across the US. We partner with organizations that promote responsible agriculture so together we can be effective stewards of the environment.

Following in our Founders Footsteps

Founder, Roy Webster was a visionary orchardist and entrepreneur. His passions included, planting the Webster Comice Pears (which he called "the Cadillac of pears") and an endless joy for life and living healthy. We continue his tradition as visionaries by constantly looking for ways to improve our responsibility to our customers and the environment. We focus our responsibility and sustainable efforts in the following areas

1. Employee, Family & Community Relationships
2. Responsible Agriculture
3. Environmentally Friendly Packaging & Shipping
4. Promotion of Health and Well being
5. Self Regulation and Looking Towards the Future

1. Employee, Family & Community Relationships

For three generations the Webster family and The Fruit Company have been bringing the nation the World's Finest Fruit, grown primarily in the lush Hood River Valley of northern Oregon. From these humble beginnings the foundation of family, employee, and community has been the guiding force in our growth.

Equal Opportunity Employer: is an equal opportunity employer, hiring without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, age, sexual orientation, veteran status or disability. We strive to make a welcoming and responsive place for all who work here and request all employees to respect the individuality and dignity of one another and the customers we serve.

Environment, Health & Safety: In maintaining the corporate office, packing houses and cold storage facilities, The Fruit Company ensures the safety of its employees and the use of resources to reduce the carbon footprint and waste.

HACCP Certified: We are one of the few gourmet gift providers who are HACCP certified. The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point, also known as the HACCP, is a system of safety in food production and pharmaceuticals. The system is endorsed by the Food and Drug Administration and the Department of Agriculture to ensure safe procedures and products. These include but not limited to the following

cGMP: The Fruit Company complies with current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations mandated by the FDA, the state of Oregon and other governing agencies. These include but not limited to the following
  • Cleanliness of garments, mandatory hairnet and wash station procedures for employees
  • Incoming product inspection stations and strict food storage requirements
  • Packing house sanitization and clean up procedures
  • Building Inspection and maintenance
  • Prevention of cross contamination and allergen control
  • Building security including visitor and contractor login stations
  • Mock recall events

Corporate Office Energy Reduction, Waste & Water Conservation: Per the Department of Energy Guidelines we have transformed our office space for optimum energy conservation. All computers are plugged directly in to wall outlet and shut off at the end of the shifts, few power cords are utilized. We have installed motion sensor lights in many locations of our facility and replace light bulbs with high efficiency alternatives. Each desk area contains two waste bins, one for recyclable and one non- recyclables. Currently we do not have low flow toilet or sink fixtures installed. Realizing the choice of adding more to our landfills or purchasing new products, we have opted to replace them with the high efficiency products when these fixtures are at the end of their life span.

Community Outreach: provides low cost fresh fruit to our local community every Friday so that families in need may have access to nutritious fruit. In 2010 we provided roughly 340,000 pounds of fruit to the Hood River Valley Residents. We routinely provide fruit to local Food Banks and Schools. In addition, understanding that a healthy food supply depends on the well-being and stability of our nation's orchards, we partner with organizations that promote responsible agriculture.

2. Responsible Agriculture

Our commitment to responsible agriculture practices goes hand-in-hand with our goal to grow food in ways that nurture the land, protect wildlife, and benefit communities and people's health. We are lucky enough to be in the business of growing products in a mutually beneficial way which maintains the lands health and our own.

Orchard Management: We use a combination of long-standing agricultural practices as well as advanced ecological orchard management methods to minimize spraying and other environmentally disruptive practices. This practice, known as integrated pest management (IPM), can prevent pest infestations and problems before they happen by monitoring crops and treating only as needed. We manage problems in the orchard through land management such as careful mowing and monitoring of growing conditions. We use natural predators such as ladybird beetles to eliminate harmful pests when possible. We analyze problems and base treatments on real threats as opposed to scheduled and indiscriminate spraying. We use the least amount of pesticides and fungicides in the most scientific and responsible way.

Agricultural Water Conservation: When considering water-use efficiency we have found that by better water management practices we can be just as effective as implementing new technology. Using the following practices we can determine how much water is needed to maximize productivity while minimizing water waste. Accurate water measurement and soil moisture monitoring are key components of efficient orchards and water management practices. Incorporating irrigation flow meters help to calculate the efficiency of irrigation systems, identify water loss leaks and apply only the necessary amount of water based on the soil moisture levels and weather conditions.

Fruit Waste Program: has partnered with Dirt Hugger, a regional composting company that supports a sustainable, local economy by collecting, processing, and utilizing valuable organic nutrients locally. Dirt Hugger is a member of the United States Composting Council.

3. Environmentally Friendly Packaging, Shipping & Marketing Collateral

You've carefully chosen a premier fruit gift for your friends and family, but wonder if shipping them to far away locations will wipe out any gains you've made. Rest assured we have you covered.

Products: The main bulk of our products are consumable. We have invested in superior quality baskets and beautifully hand painted tower boxes with the intention of being reused, repurposed or recycled.

Shipping Materials: 93% of our wood fiber corrugated boxes (gift boxes) are made with material supplied by Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) program participants. The SFI® program participants are committed to sustainable forestry on their own forests and follow strict industry regulations. We use paper fill instead of shipping peanuts or bubble wrap. These efforts are a simple, inexpensive way to help our customers reduce the environmental impact of shipping their Fruit Company purchase. We remind consumers to reuse the shipping materials from all products received.

Marketing: In 2011 our print supplier was included in the list of 100 Best Green Companies to Work for in Oregon by Oregon Business Magazine. These rankings are determined by an independent assessment of the employers' sustainability practices and an anonymous employee survey.

4. Promotion of Health and Well Being

We recognize that making healthy food choices for yourself or your gift recipient is an important decision. As a premier fruit supplier, we realize the impact we can have in helping these individuals and families maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Well Being: Each gift from includes a leaflet which contains a link to our website. We invite you to navigate to our Fruit Blog or sign up for our monthly newsletters. You will have access to useful information about the benefits of fresh fruit, a healthy lifestyle and recipes introducing new way to incorporate fruit into your diet. As a HarvestClub™ recipient your deliveries will include product relevant literature, description and recipes ideas.

Roy Webster Columbia River Cross Channel Swim: In 1942, The Fruit Company founder Roy Webster initiated the first Columbia Gorge Cross Channel Swim for the residents of the Hood River Valley. Armed only with the purpose of infusing exercise into his family life, it has turned into an annual community tradition now in its 70th year. Managed by the Hood River Chamber of Commerce it is proudly recognized as one of the years's featured events. Today over 1,000 participants swim the 1 mile of the rough Columbia Gorge waters including Roy's grandson CEO, Scott Webster and his extended family.

5. Self Regulation and Looking Towards the Future

Commitment to Quality
The world has changed dramatically in the last few years. Our company, like so many others, continues to feel the effects of a global recession that fundamentally shifted consumer buying habits. Despite these challenges, we continue to improve our business practices and remain focused on becoming a best-in-class premier fruit supplier and gourmet gifting company.

Commitment to Sustainability Practices
We know we can always do better and are currently looking into more ways to reduce consumption and better use high efficiency alternatives. We welcome customer feedback and encourage consumer input of ways we can improve.