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Golden Bosc Pears

Golden Bosc Pears Availability:
  • fall
  • winter

The Bosc starts making its appearance in September, and are typically available through April or May.


Bosc Pears have an interesting, but not yet completely resolved history. It remains a matter of contention whether Bosc are of Belgium or French origin. What is known is that Bosc Pears were discovered sometime in the early 1800's. These elegant pears now are grown largely in the Northwest, as the trees were found to thrive in the soil and climate of Oregon and Washington. The Bosc is an old variety dessert pear with sweet, richly flavored medium to large fruit and distinctive characteristics that set them apart from other pears.


Bosc are early ripening pears, which become sweeter, and more flavorful, earlier than other varieties. As a result, the full flavors and juiciness of Bosc can be enjoyed before their flesh has fully softened. Bosc pears are also unique for their color: a warm earthy brown that appears with russeting over the surface of the skin.