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Taylor's Gold Pears

Taylor's Gold Pears Availability:
  • fall
  • winter

As one of the earlier pears, Taylor’s Gold pears are harvested in September. Sadly, like the Comice, they have a shorter lifespan, only lasting throughout the fall and winter.


Specially grown in the Webster Family Orchards, the Webster Comice Pear is among the sweetest and juiciest of all pears. This French variety was first propagated as Doyenne du Comice near Angers in the mid-1800s, and is ideally suited to the volcanic soils of the Hood River Valley. Described by Grandpa Webster as “the Cadillac of pears,” The Fruit Company delivers fresh, beautiful, jumbo-sized Comice each harvest to consumers around the country. They have a beautiful appearance, most often green in color and often having a red blush covering small to large areas of the skin surface. Comice come in all sizes but their shape is unique among other varieties, having a rotund body with a very short, well-defined neck.


Discovered by Michael King-Turner, the Taylor’s Gold made its first appearance in New Zealand in 1986. It is generally believed to be a natural mutation of the Comice pear, though some believe it may have been a cross between the Bosc and the Comice. Whatever the genetic origin, these juicy pears look like what you’d expect of a Bosc-Comice cross. They’re shorter and rounder in shape similar to the Comice, buit with beautiful cinnamon russet coloring over their green skin like a Bosc. A popular among cooks, they make great sauces, and pies, while pear connoisseurs also eat them fresh out of hand, or paired with a good cheese – like Blue or Gorgonzola.

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