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Saucer Peaches

Saucer Peaches Availability:
  • summer

Saucer Peaches, like most stone fruit, are available in the late spring and summer. Available a little earlier than our Oregon Peaches, we bring Saucer Peaches in specially for our HarvestClub Exotica members in June.


Saucer Peaches are one of the unusual peach varieties. Relatively flat with rounder edge, they resemble classic donuts. They do still have the typical pit like normal peaches, and the lightly fuzzed skin, but they have a whiter flesh, are not as juicy as our Oregon Peaches, and a perfect shape for snacking. Saucer Peaches are a suitable substitution for any standard peach dishes, though being significantly smaller than our Oregon Peaches, they aren’t quite as well suited for canning. Saucer peaches are fragrant and flavorful. When ripe they will give to gentle pressure.


Peaches ripen best if left on the counter on a breathable cloth like a tea towel. They’ll become more fragrant and soften a little as they reach their perfect level or ripeness. They’ll be deliciously sweet and juicy.