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Papaya Availability:
  • summer

Papaya are generally available year round, however, The Fruit Company only brings this fruit in for our HarvestClub Exotica and HarvestClub Grand Medley members in September.


Dating back to prehistoric times, the papaya is native to South and Central America. Today, the fruit is primarily grown in Hawaii and other tropical regions around the globe. This sweet, smooth-fleshed fruit is a great addition to salads, dried and used as a snack, fried, or pureed and added to beverages or deserts. The skin of the papaya is smooth, and varies from green to yellowish orange, and will become somewhat soft as the fruit ripens. Inside, the flesh looks similar to a cantaloupe, with a light orange-pink color and a central cavity filled with small inedible black seeds.


Similar to a melon, the pinkish juicy flesh has a pleasantly sweet tropical flavor. The fruit will turn from green to yellow-orange as it ripens, and will become soft, giving to light pressure. Ripe papaya will store up to a week in the refrigerator. You can also freeze peeled papaya chunks for longer preservation or use in smoothies.