Honeybell Sweets

Honeybell Sweets Availability:
  • winter

While Honeybell Sweet season can fluctuate from fall to early spring, most typically these fruits are at their peak in the winter months.


The Honeybell Sweet is one of a kind, it’s a half grapefruit, half tangerine, specifically designed from a cross cultivation. Even though this citrus fruit was developed by the USDA’s Horticultural Research Station in Orlando, FL; California is also a suitable growing area. It’s a somewhat odd shape for a citrus, nearly pear-like with a round bottom and a small protrusion at the top where the stem connected to the fruit. It truly is everything you could ever want in a citrus; it peels easily, has few seeds, and is perfectly sweet with that dash of classic citrus tartness. These wonderful citrus delights are only available for a limited time throughout the winter and early spring, so be sure to mark your calendar and scoop some up while you can!


Easy to peel and bursting with juicy sweet-tart flavor, the Honeybell Sweet is a must have winter citrus fruit. Like most citrus, Honeybell Sweets ripen best when on the tree. The Fruit Company gets all its citrus tree-ripened, making it perfect to enjoy as soon as it gets to your door.

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