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Earn money as an Affiliate with The Fruit Company
What is affiliate marketing?

With an affiliate program, The Fruit Company will handle the entire sales process, from order to delivery, and provide a commission to you. If you are a drop shipper, your company would do the distribution through your own website. You would directly take orders for our products, handle customer service and make sure they’re delivered.

To become an affiliate with The Fruit Company:
  1. Fill out a form from one of our affiliate partners listed.
  2. Once you’re signed up, we’ll track the traffic that comes from your site to The Fruit Company.
  3. You’ll earn commission on the sales we earn from the traffic you send to us.
About the Fruit Company affiliate program:
  • We pay a 10% commission per sale
  • Our conversion rate is excellent (around 5%).
  • The Fruit Company has been recognized as a top online retailer by Internet Retailer’s "Best of the Web."
  • The Fruit Company's products have been featured in O, the Oprah Magazine.
How much of a commission can I earn on the affiliate program?

We pay a 10% commission.

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Preferred Networks

The Fruit Company has teamed up with our preferred Affiliate Networks to offer a simple affiliate signup process, so that you can begin earning commission payments from your website as soon as possible. Join us on these preferred Networks:

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