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Valentine's Day

Sweet treats are practically required on Valentine’s Day, and at The Fruit Company, you can show how creative and thoughtful you are by passing up ordinary boxes of store-bought chocolates and giving our exquisite Chocolate Covered Cherries or a Valentine’s Day gift tower filled with goodies.

If you’re preparing a romantic dinner for two, let The Fruit Company take care of the dessert. We’ve got plenty of mouthwatering options. Here are some options we recommend for Valentine’s Day:

Shop Valentine's Day Fruit Baskets and Gifts

Red Velvet Cake A layer cake in a traditional Valentine’s Day color! And with the cream cheese frosting and white chocolate sprinkles, this special cake is as tasty as it is pretty. Chocolate Mousse Torte Cake Chocolate layer cake. Chocolate whipped mousse. Milk chocolate frosting. Dark chocolate glaze. Need we say more? And don’t forget: Valentine’s Day isn’t just for romance. Say, “I’m thinking of you” by sending a Valentine’s Day fruit basket to friends and family, or someone you know who could use a cheerful surprise.


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