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Nothing can hold a candle to birthday baskets and birthday gift boxes from The Fruit Company. Get ready to celebrate in style and make the next birthday a fruitful one with a fruit basket from The Fruit Company. Now that you can add a Happy Birthday Ribbon to almost any of our gifts for just $5 more, the sky's the limit with what you can select to say the perfect Happy Birthday!

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What’s a birthday without a birthday cake? Ours are superb – a moist carrot cake with walnuts and plump raisins amidst a decadent cream cheese frosting, a to-die-for chocolate mousse cake that’s wonderfully creamy and ethereally light, a melt-in-your mouth red velvet cake and more. All you need to add are the birthday candles and a round of good friends to begin the celebration.

If you’re seeking a more creative alternative to the traditional cake, try a chocolate-covered fruit medley Chocolate Covered Medley, 4 bags of chocolate-covered heaven including chocolate-covered cherries, chocolate-covered blueberries, chocolate-covered almonds, and Fruit Company customer favorite chocolate-covered comice pears! Of course, there’s no hard-and-fast rule that says you must choose desserts. As more and more people embrace healthier lifestyles, a Happy Birthday Jubilee Basket packed with the most luscious and mouth-watering Organic fruits of the orchard and an assortment of USDA Certified Organic sweet and savory gourmet items makes the perfect gift and will show your extra attention to their lifestyle.

Here’s another idea: why confine a birthday celebration to just one month? When you select a fruit of the month HarvestClub™, your lucky friend or relative gets a box full of fresh sun-ripened fruit month after month – juicy navel oranges, sugar red grapefruits, golden pineapples, mountain blueberries…and so on. It’s a wonderful way to acknowledge someone really special in your life.


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