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Kosher gifts are gifts that honor tradition and heritage. When most people think of kosher gifts, they think immediately of things like raisin farfel kugel, macaroons or Jewish apple cake seeped in honey. These are all delicious, but The Fruit Company allows you to expand your horizons.
In reality, there are plenty of other options: for instance, mouth-watering apples, pears, oranges, pineapples, and chocolate-covered berries make fabulous gifts for friends, family, and business colleagues who are observing the kosher laws.If your recipient has a sweet tooth, we offer a lavish rendition of the all-time favorite Certified Kosher carrot cake. For a hostess who needs a party centerpiece, consider kosher gifts with a variety of items, such as pears, plums, peaches, pistachios, apricot trail mix, dried fruit, roasted almonds…the list goes on and on.Don’t just think that kosher gifts are limited to Jewish friends. Many people of all faiths who are health-conscious appreciate kosher gifts because they’re thought to be healthier and safer as a result of the extra care. In our multi-ethnic culture, kosher gifts have spared the interest of many other faiths and ethnicities for cultural, health and quality reasons. Try one…you’ll love it!


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