Father's Day is June 16th! Sweeten Dad's Day with a Handcrafted Fruit Surprise!
SKU: PF1005-H1

Organic Mixed Fruit Medley


Our Organic Mixed Fruit Medley is a mouth-watering blend of premium USDA Certified Organic fruit, arriving fresh from our orchards direct to your door! It's perfect for family, friends, the office or yourself! 

NOTE - This gift ships Monday-Wednesday; this will not ship over the weekend. 


Classic - SKU: PF1005-H1

1 Organic Pear
1 Organic Mango
1 Organic Apple
1 Organic Orange*

Grand - SKU: PF2005-H1

2 Organic Pears
2 Organic Mango
2 Organic Apples
2 Organic Oranges*

Deluxe - SKU: PF3005-H1

3 Organic Pears
3 Organic Mango
6 Organic Apples
3 Organic Oranges*

Executive - SKU: PF4005-H1

6 Organic Pears
6 Organic Mango
12 Organic Apples
6 Organic Oranges*

*Due to agricultural restrictions, Citrus cannot be shipped to Arizona. Northwest Pears or Apples will be substituted.
For optimal freshness and quality, or due to seasonality, we reserve the right to substitute certain ingredients of equal or higher value.

NOTE - This gift ships Monday-Wednesday; this will not ship over the weekend.

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Great Organic Fruit Box

This Organic Fruit Box was delivered 2 days early and the recipient was amazed and very satisfied with the fruit selection.Thank You

Fast Shipping and Fruit was beautiful

Bought this as a gift and it was delivered quickly. Thank you!

Fruit was Excellent

Fruit was very fresh and lasted a long time. Could have used more pears instead of Apples, but that is a personal preference.

Pristine Beauty

My mother received this for Mothers Day. She sent me a picture of what she received. So carefully packed, beautifully displayed, appetizing. My mother is living in a remote area where she does not have fast easy access to fresh produce. Considering the restrictions with Covid, I have been concerned about her ability to have good healthy options. I think that all of my gifts to her will be from The Fruit Company, moving forward. Its a gift, yes; but it will help keep her healthy.


My family member loved receiving this.