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SKU: BQ0005-S0

Ultimate Gourmet Gift Box


One beautiful, upgraded watercolor box is filled with an array of delightful harvest-fresh fruit and snacks ideal for creating that perfect spread for gatherings or to leave the beneficiary speechless!


Two Upgraded Watercolor Boxes Designed by a local Oregon Artist Included!
1 Bag Watermelon Gummi Slices 3 oz.
1 Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies (2 pk) - 2.5 oz.
1 Bag Australian Red Licorice - 4 oz.
1 Bag Sweet Chipotle Jerky - 1 oz.
1 Smoked Gouda Cheese Round - 6 oz.
1 Honey Wheat Crackers - 3.5 oz.
1 Caramel Cashew Crunch Popcorn - 4 oz.
4 Imperial Fuji Apples
2 Granny Smith Apples
2 Mini Apples
5 French D'Anjou Pears
3 Italian Golden Bosc Pears
2 Columbia Red Pears
3 Malibu Navel Oranges*

*Due to agricultural restrictions, citrus cannot be shipped to Arizona. Northwest-grown pears or apples will be substituted.
For optimal freshness and quality, or due to seasonality, we reserve the right to substitute certain ingredients of equal or higher value.

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