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SKU: PF1001-H0

Winter Fruit Medley


Discover the exquisite Winter Fruit Medley, a curated blend of the finest seasonal fruits sourced globally, including Honeycrisp Apples, Comice Pears, Mangos, and Malibu Navel Oranges. These carefully selected fruits are expertly arranged to create a delightful sensory experience.

Available in four sizes, our Winter Fruit Medley makes for a perfect gift option for family, friends, or clients. Ideal for various occasions, our fruit basket is designed to cater to your gifting needs, making it an excellent choice among the best fruit baskets for delivery. Embrace the joy of giving with our Winter Fruit Medley, a testament to our commitment as a leading fruit gift company. Explore the best fruit baskets today, and experience the convenience of gift baskets delivered directly to your doorstep. Choose quality, choose freshness – choose our Winter Fruit Medley for your next thoughtful gesture.

*Contents subject to availability and seasonal variations.


Classic - SKU: PF1001-H0

1 Honeycrisp Apple
1 French D'Anjou Pear
1 Southern Mango
1 Malibu Navel Orange*

Grand - SKU: PF2001-H0

2 Honeycrisp Apples
2 French D'Anjou Pear
2 Southern Mangos
2 Malibu Navel Oranges*

Deluxe - SKU: PF3001-H0

3 Honeycrisp Apples
6 French D'Anjou Pear
3 Southern Mangos
3 Malibu Navel Oranges*

Executive - SKU: PF4001-H0

6 Honeycrisp Apples
12 French d'Anjou Pears
6 Southern Mangos
6 Malibu Navel Oranges*

*Due to agricultural restrictions, Citrus cannot be shipped to Arizona. Northwest Pears or Apples will be substituted.
For optimal freshness and quality, or due to seasonality, we reserve the right to substitute certain ingredients of equal or higher value.

Customer Reviews

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Amy Krupka

Yum. Delicious fresh fruit in the middle of winter!

Madonna Dailey
Happy Customers

My customers were extremely happy with their shipment.