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SKU: BA0026-F0

Summer Favorite's Snack Crate

This crate has everything to please anyone’s taste buds! This assortment of goodies is sure to hit the spot with meat lovers and anyone who appreciates the great taste of summer. It comes with delicious summer sausage, grass-fed beef jerky, hot pepper bacon jam, Australian red licorice, sweet and savory hazelnuts, dill seasoned pretzels, honey wheat crackers, roasted garlic cheese, and smoked gouda cheese. All the items are first-rate and perfect for picnics, BBQ’s or parties with friends and family!

1 Bag Sweet and Savory Hazelnuts - 2 oz.
1 Bag Australian Red Licorice - 4 oz.
1 Jar Hot Pepper Bacon Jam - 4 oz.
1 Bag Dill Seasoned Pretzels - 2 oz.
1 Pouch Sweet Chipotle Jerky - 1 oz.
1 Beef Summer Sausage - 5 oz.
1 Honey Wheat Crackers - 3.5 oz.
1 Smoked Gouda Cheese - 6 oz.
1 Smoked Roasted Garlic Cheese - 6 oz.
2 Imperial Fuji Apples
1 Granny Smith Apple
2 French D'Anjou Pears
2 Columbia Red Pears
2 Navel Oranges*
1 Pineapple*
1 Webster Apple Vintage Label Crate
Crate Dimensions: 16" Length x 12.875" Width x 7.375" Height

*Due to agricultural restrictions, Citrus cannot be shipped to Arizona and Pineapple cannot be shipped to Hawaii. Northwest-grown pears or apples will be substituted.
For optimal freshness and quality, or due to seasonality, we reserve the right to substitute certain ingredients of equal or higher value.

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