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Heartfelt Condolence Fruit Basket


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Convey your sympathies with this beautiful gift basket that combines an assortment of ripened pears, apples, oranges, and pineapple, cheese, crackers, tangy fruit chews, and shortbread cookies. When words fail, this basket speaks volumes.


1 Bottle Sheffield's Classic Sweet Cider - 12 oz.
1 Smoked Gouda Cheese Round - 6 oz.
1 Honey Wheat Crackers - 3.5 oz.
1 Bag Australian Red Licorice - 4 oz.
1 Cranberry Vanilla Cookies (4 pk) - 2.8 oz.
1 Bag Peach Hard Candies - 3 oz.
1 Bag Mixed Nuts - 3 oz.
2 Imperial Fuji Apples
1 Granny Smith Apple
1 Royal Red Apple
2 Royal Comice Pears
1 French D’Anjou Pear
1 Columbia Red Pear
1 Valencia Orange*
1 Maui Pineapple*
With Sympathy ribbon included
Basket Dimensions: 17" Length x 13" Width x 14.5" Height

*Due to agricultural restrictions, Citrus cannot be shipped to Arizona and Pineapple cannot be shipped to Hawaii. Northwest-grown pears or apples will be substituted.
For optimal freshness and quality, or due to seasonality, we reserve the right to substitute certain ingredients of equal or higher value.