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SKU: PF1004-00

Desert Citrus Medley


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Send a box brimming with Vitamin C and sunshine. Our best sun-kissed Navel Oranges, Cara Cara Oranges, Red Grapefruit, and Mandarins are hand-packed in a beautiful gift box and shipped directly to the door. What a perfect choice to brighten someone's day. 


Classic - SKU: PF1004-00
1 Navel Orange
1 Cara Cara Orange
1 Red Grapefruit
2 Mandarin Oranges

Grand - SKU: PF2004-00
2 Navel Oranges
2 Cara Cara Oranges
2 Red Grapefruits
4 Mandarin Oranges

Deluxe - SKU: PF3004-00
6 Navel Oranges
3 Cara Cara Oranges
3 Red Grapefruits
6 Mandarin Oranges

Executive - SKU: PF4004-00
12 Navel Oranges
6 Cara Cara Oranges
6 Red Grapefruits
12 Mandarin Oranges

*Citrus cannot be shipped to Arizona due to agricultural restrictions.
For optimal freshness and quality, or due to seasonality, we reserve the right to substitute certain ingredients of equal or higher value.

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