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Honeycrisp Apples

Honeycrisp Apples Availability:
  • spring
  • fall
  • winter

Sadly, the perfect balance of sweet and tart that is a Honeycrisp, comes at a cost. These apples do not store well in the controlled atmosphere that is cold storage, so enjoy them while they last!


Honeycrisp Apples originated in Minnesota in the 1991. Their back story is not very interesting, and their origin is rather ordinary. That doesn’t mean that Honeycrisp Apples aren’t delicious though. Honeycrisp Apples pack the punch of a Honeygold with the crisp of a Macoun. As people started trying them they started growing in popularity. And for good reason; they are delicious! They are crisp and juicy, slightly tart but with the gentleness of sweet as well, they make for an excellent apple to eat raw.


Honeycrisp Apples are orange-red in appearance. They begin with orange striping over a yellow under color but are fully ripe when they are almost entirely red. The Honeycrisp’s delightful sweet and juicy flesh makes them a favorite among apple lovers.

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