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Asian Pears

Asian Pears Availability:
  • spring
  • fall
  • winter

These pears ripen a little on the early side, often by late August, early September. Unfortunately, they don't stick around too long, usually only available until the first month or two of spring.


Fairly new to the United States, there are over 1000 varieties of Asian pears, also known as "Apple Pears", originally from Japan. But don't let the name "Apple Pear" confuse you. Even though the Asian pear looks like a cross between an apple and a pear, the resemblance is only skin deep. There are also several other differences between Asian pears and the more common European pear. Asian pears reach optimum quality when allowed to ripen on the tree, similar to apples and peaches and are more crisp and tart then other pears. European pears are usually harvested in a green stage and allowed to ripen at room temperature and have a sweeter, more mellow taste.


The Fruit is yellow-green to pale yellow and smooth with small lenticels. This large white-fleshed pear is sweet, firm, crisp, juicy and aromatic. Being one of the rare pears that ripens on the tree, our delicious Imperial Asian pears arrive at your door ready to eat.