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Starkrimson Pears

Starkrimson Pears

Starkrimson pears are one of the more distinctive varieties. They have a brilliant crimson color, and are easily recognized due to their thick, stocky stem. Their subtle flavors make them a great addition to salads, or for just snacking on. Starkrimson pears were discovered in 1950’s by Stark Brothers Nursery (hence the name) when one of their “Clapps’s Favorite” trees—a green pear variety—had a branch of red pears growing from it. They have become prominent in recent years as many orchards in Washington and Oregon have begun producing the bright colored pears.

  • Fall
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Starkrimson Pears Availability

Starkrimsons are one of the summer pears. Their harvest begins in August and as one of the more delicate varieties, they’ll only be available through January.

Starkrimson Pears Taste & Ripeness

The skin on a Starkrimson pears changes from a dark crimson to bright crimson red as it ripens. Starkrimsons are juicy, relatively mild, sweet pears with a subtle floral aroma. Like most pears, the Starkrimson ripens fully after its been harvested. Set these red beauties out on your countertop in a brown paper bag, and "Check the Neck" to determine ripeness.