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Webster Comice Pears

Webster Comice Pears

The Royal Comice Pear is among the sweetest and juiciest of all pears. This French variety was first propagated as Doyenne du Comice near Angers in the mid-1800s, and is ideally suited to the volcanic soils of the Hood River Valley. Described by Grandpa Webster as “the Cadillac of pears,” The Fruit Company delivers fresh, beautiful, jumbo-sized Comice each harvest to consumers around the country. They have a beautiful appearance, most often green in color, and often display a red blush that covers small to large areas of the skin surface. Comice come in all sizes but their shape is unique among other varieties, having a rotund body with a very short, well-defined neck.

  • Fall
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Webster Comice Pears Availability

The season for Royal Comice Pears is shorter than other pear varieties, being harvested in late autumn and lasting in cold storage until about mid-January. Enjoy the Royal Comice while you can!

Webster Comice Pears Taste & Ripeness

The sweet, buttery flesh of the Royal Comice is world-renowned. They perfectly pair with fine cheeses, but true Comice aficionados enjoy them au natural and freshly sliced, if not spooned directly from a cut half. They are so juicy when ripe that you need a pile of napkins and a fair amount of slurping. In other words, the perfect pear.