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Taylor's Gold Pears

Taylor’s Gold Pears

Discovered by Michael King-Turner, the Taylor’s Gold made its first appearance in New Zealand in 1986. It is generally believed to be a natural mutation of the Comice pear, though some believe it may have been a cross between the Bosc and the Comice. Whatever the genetic origin, these juicy pears look like what you’d expect of a Bosc-Comice cross. They’re shorter and rounder in shape similar to the Comice, but with beautiful cinnamon russet coloring over their green skin like a Bosc.

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Taylor's Gold Pears Availability

As one of the earlier pears, Taylor’s Gold pears are available in the mid-spring through summer in New Zealand, which is the fall through early winter in the northern hemisphere. Sadly, like the Comice, they have a shorter lifespan, only lasting throughout the fall.

Taylor’s Gold Pears Taste & Ripeness

A popular among cooks, they make great sauces, and pies, while pear connoisseurs also eat them fresh out of hand, or paired with a good cheese – like Blue or Gorgonzola. When ripe, Taylor’s Gold pears are creamy, juicy, and tender with a rich, sweet flavor and mild notes of honey. Taylor’s Gold pears have a short lifespan and will only keep for a couple of days when stored at room temperature and a couple of weeks when stored in the refrigerator.