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Rainier Cherries

Rainier Cherries

Created at Washington State University by cross breading Vans and Bings, Rainiers are one of the most delicate and difficult cherries to grow. They are sensitive to wind, rain and temperature, and show their bruises easily due to their thin red-yellow skin. If an orchardist can overcome those obstacles, there are still the birds to consider; they LOVE Rainiers! In Fact, birds can eat as much as 1/3 of the cherry crop before the harvest arrives.

Rainier Cherries are sweeter and creamier than most of the dark sweet varieties, making them prized not only in the Northwest but all over the world. In Japan, individual Rainier Cherries can go for as much as a dollar each. For these reasons and more, the Rainier Cherry is known as the Champagne of cherries.

Our Rainier Cherries are grown right here in the Pacific Northwest, with a large concentration of the orchards being right here in the Hood River Valley, home to The Fruit Company!

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Rainier Cherries Availability

The window for harvesting these little fruits is very small as they must be protected from multiple factors; they are thus harvested only in late June to early July.

Rainier Cherries Taste & Ripeness

The Rainier cherry has a red-yellow blush and extremely thin skin that delicately encases one of the most luscious and decadent flavors nature has to offer. We pick our cherries and ship them out right away to bring you the freshest fruit possible. When you receive your cherries be sure to put them directly into your refrigerator for a few hours to cool them and firm them up. Take them out, give them a rinse with cool water and enjoy!