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Dark Sweet Cherries

Dark Sweet Cherries

Dark Sweet Cherries varieties include: Chelan, Sweetheart, Lapin, Sunburst, Stella, and Bing—the most popular. Bing Cherries originated in Oregon, and are grown along the Pacific Coast of the United States and in coastal areas in Central and South America. In California, Bing Cherries begin to ripen in early June, whereas in Oregon and Washington they’re ready in late June, early July. They require a wet environment, making them the perfect fruit for the Northwest.
The Fruit Company only uses cherries grown in Oregon and Washington. While we love supporting local farms and orchards, it’s the quality and sweetness that makes choosing local cherries a no-brainer. Orchardists in the area deal with rainy spring months that threaten to ruin each year’s crop, but every summer they turn out the best cherries in the world.

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Dark Sweet Cherries Availability

Cherry season lasts between June and August. Different varieties ripen at different times, although most are ready in July, making it the perfect month to enjoy cherries.

Dark Sweet Cherries Taste & Ripeness

Dark Sweet Cherry refers to any cherry varieties that possess a medium-to dark red flesh and sweet finish. We pick our cherries and ship them out right away to bring you the freshest fruit possible. When you receive your cherries be sure to put them directly into your refrigerator for a few hours to cool them and firm them up. Take them out, give them a rinse with cool water and enjoy!