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Concorde Pears

Concorde Pears

If you had to pick only one word to describe the Concorde pear, it would be elegant. The smooth gentle curve at the base of the pear, that slender neck, and yellow green skin, just looking at them makes you want to have one of your own. It’s no wonder that this delicious pear is the result of a Conference-Comice blending. These pears, while perfect for snacking on, are also perfectly suited to baking or salad usage. They brown significantly slower than other pear varieties, keeping them picture perfect for any family dinner.

  • Fall
  • Icon / Winter Winter

Concorde Pears Availability

The Concorde availability is usually limited by consumers rather than their lifespan. The harvest begins in late fall, but by the end of winter, pear connoisseurs have usually snatched them all up; so be sure to get yours while you can!

Concorde Pear Taste & Ripeness

The Concorde, being a Conference-Comice cross, has an excellent vanilla-sweet flavor, large fruit size and is a firm yet juicy dessert pear. The skin color is green with a pink flush. Somewhat similar to the more well-known Bosc, the Concorde is a lovely dense pear that is sweet even while it’s still firm.