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French d’Anjou Pears

French d’Anjou Pears

French d'Anjou pears are thought to have originated in France, near the city of Angers. They appeared in the United States in 1842 and today represent 34% of the pear market. French d'Anjou pears have a green exterior that remains green even as they ripens. This is something of an oddity for green pears because most green varieties (Royal Williams or Bartlett for example) turn yellow as they grow ready to eat.

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French d’Anjou Pears PearsAvailability

French d'Anjou Pears are harvested in August and are best enjoyed by October, but thanks to their robust nature they are available to you all year round.

French d’Anjou Pears Taste & Ripeness

French d’Anjou pears are a large, stout, white-fleshed pear variety renown for their abundant juices and sweet, brisk flavor. Like most pears, the French d’Anjou ripens fully after it has been harvested. Just set them out at room temperature for a couple of days. Since the French d'Anjou pear will change in color only slightly as it ripens, the very best way to check the ripeness of your a French d'Anjou Pear is to "Check the Neck". As soon as there is bit of give to pressure by the stem, they're ready to enjoy!