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Sugar Red Grapefruit

Sugar Red Grapefruit

Thought to have been discovered in Barbados during the 1750’s, grapefruit has been a staple of the citrus world for decades. Today California, and Texas are among the top producers of the best grapefruit available. Our Sugar Red Grapefruits are the standard in what a pink grapefruit should taste like. Wonderfully tart with a strong dose of sweet, these fruits are excellent for breakfast preparations, or juiced and consumed on their own or in various beverage blends. Many have also cooked this fruit down to make delicious sauces and syrups. These fruits are a little large by citrus standards, ranging in size from a typical orange to the size of a softball. They have relatively few seeds inside their pink flesh, and an easy to peel pale orange-yellow skin.

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Sugar Red Grapefruit Availability

Sugar Red Grapefruit Taste & Ripeness

Like most citrus, grapefruit ripen best when on the tree. The Fruit Company gets all its citrus tree-ripened, making it perfect to enjoy as soon as it gets to your door.