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Even though star fruit have been cultivated in Southeast Asia for hundreds of years, they are a relatively new fruit to the United States with Florida being one of the major producers. This fruit is roughly football-shaped and has a glossy, thin yellow skin with 5 ridges. The ridges will have a green to brown color only along the edge. When cut, the ridges give the fruit its name, as each slice looks like a bright yellow star, with small seeds in the center. The flavor is like a blending of many fruits, like pineapple, apple, plum and lemon, with a somewhat citric undertone. The skin is often consumed, only trimmed from the very edge of the 5 ridges. This fruit has been very popular for snacking on, as a garnish to both fruit and vegetable salads, and mixed with yogurts, sherbets and ice-creams.

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Starfruit Availability

Star Fruit are available year round, with their best availability period in the late winter to early spring. At the fruit company, we only bring in these attractive fruits in March for our HarvestClub Exotica members.

Starfruit Taste & Ripeness

Good star fruit should have brown edges on each of the five ridges, but be otherwise free of brown spots. They should be consumed quickly when ripe, as they only keep at room temperature for a day or two.