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Granny Smith Apples

Granny Smith Apples

Granny Smith apples were created by "Granny" Anne Smith of Ryde, New South Wales in 1868. Let that sit. It was actually invented by someone named Granny Smith. Amazing. Bakers use Granny Smith apples for pie fillings and other preparations because they can withstand high heat without turning to mush. After baking, Granny Smith apples are sweet, with their acidity cooled and caramelized into sugars. But some don’t want sweet; they crave tartness. The Granny Smith apple has them covered. Granny Smith apples are grass green when ripe but will develop a warm, pale cast with a slight blush as they continue to ripen. At this point, their tartness will have mellowed, though it remains a tart apple in comparison to milder varieties like the Red Delicious.

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Granny Smith Apples Availability

Granny Smith apples are harvested in the summer, and thanks to their tougher exterior, they can be enjoyed year round.

Granny Smith Apples Taste & Ripeness

Granny Smith Apples are crisp, tart, and perfect for anyone looking to invigorate their cheekbones. Apples are harvested at their peak, and then put into cold storage to maintain that perfect level of ripeness. When you receive delicious Granny Smith apples from The Fruit Company, they'll be ready to eat, no waiting required.