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Blood Orange

Blood Orange

With the unique deep red color, it’s not hard to guess where Blood Oranges got their name. This delicious fruit gets it’s signature color from a pigment called anthocyanin, which, while not typical in citrus fruits, is found in everything from red flowers, to cherries, marionberries and other red fruits. Blood Oranges also have a dash of deep red coloration to their peel, giving it the appearance of being soaked in red juice. Currently thought to have been developed from a natural mutation in Sicily in the 20th century, today Blood Oranges are heavily grown in California. These oranges are relatively small compared to the more popular Navel varieties, however they’re blessed with a thinner skin covering segmented flesh with very few seeds. They are often used for their juice, or as an interesting garnish to various salads, or savory dishes.

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Blood Oranges are at their peak from Winter to Spring. We at The Fruit Company bring this fruit in specially for our HarvestClub Exotica members in January.

Blood Orange Taste & Ripeness

Like most citrus, Blood Oranges are best when tree ripened. The Fruit Company gets it’s citrus harvested at its peak, making it perfect for you to enjoy as soon as you receive it. If you’d like to savor your treat, they will last up to two weeks in your refrigerator.