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As one of the more exotic fruits we have, persimmons are not something often seen in American supermarkets. Having originated from northern China, and grown primarily in Japan, it’s not terribly surprising to know that his fruit has its biggest following in the Orient. If given the chance, we recommend you taste one of these interesting fruits. With a texture similar to a mango, persimmons have a unique spicy-sweet flavor. They have very few – if any – seeds, and their thin skin can be eaten along with the flesh. Whether eaten out of hand like an apple, or cooked and blended into other dishes, the persimmon is definitely something worth trying.

  • Fall
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Persimmon Availability

Typically the Persimmon hits its peak around October, and generally lasts through December. At The Fruit Company, we bring in persimmons in October for our HarvestClub Exotica recipients

Persimmon Taste & Ripeness

Ripe persimmons will have a light reddish-orange skin, with a soft flesh. They should be firm in your hand, but give to gentle pressure. Storing them requires little care, as they’ll maintain their flavor and texture at room temperature for up to two weeks.