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Mountain Blueberries

Mountain Blueberries

A beautiful symbol of our American Heritage, nothing tastes more like summer than fresh Mountain Blueberries, and ours are no exception. Grown in our own blueberry fields, this delicious and versatile fruit is harvested at their peak and delivered to your door with very few stops along the way. They’ll have a delicious sweet flavor, with a slight tartness to them. Though blueberries are a lovely deep blue color, they will also have a light almost dusty coating. That white-ish film is called the “bloom” and provides natural waterproofing to the fruit. Blueberries make excellent jams and sauces, they go perfectly in fresh baked muffins or mixed into pancakes. Many people also choose to dry their blueberries and add them into granola or scones, or go the equally popular route of freezing them to mix into smoothies and other summer beverages.

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Mountain Blueberries Availability

Our blueberries are a perfect summer fruit. Even though they’re available from July to September, we at The Fruit Company bring them in for our HarvestClub Americana members in August.

Mountain Blueberries Taste & Ripeness

Our fresh Mountain Blueberries are picked at their peak. When they arrive at your door, just rinse them off and enjoy. To prolong their flavor, keep extra berries in your refrigerator.