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Satsuma Mandarins

Satsuma Mandarins

Originating from a natural mutation in a former province in Japan, the Satsuma’s earliest known existence dates back to 1429. Today, we know it as a quintessential holiday gift. Being found by many in their Christmas stockings, or gracing their holiday table, the Satsuma has many loveable characteristics. The segmented fruit is deliciously sweet and juicy, the beautiful orange peel is loosely attached making it easy to remove, and to top it off, it has very few seeds. Though most prefer to eat this fruit fresh out of hand, it also makes a fantastic salad topping, works wonders when baked alongside savory dishes, or blended into cocktails and smoothies.

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Satsuma Mandarins Taste & Ripeness

Like most citrus, Satsuma Mandarins ripen best when on the tree. The Fruit Company gets all its citrus tree-ripened, making it perfect to enjoy as soon as it gets to your door.