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Fuji Apples

Fuji Apples

The Fuji apple was created in Japan in 1930 by crossing a Ralls Janet and a Red Delicious. For being relatively young to American markets, Fuji apples have become one of the most popular apple varieties. In fact, American orchardists produce more Fujis than Japanese orchards in order to fill the demand.

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Fuji Apples Availability

While Fuji apples are generally harvested in late September, they are also blessed with a relatively long shelf life compared with other apple varieties.

Fuji Apples Taste & Ripeness

Fuji apples are crisp, crunchy and fairly sweet. They are relatively low in acidity, and give off a scent that is warm and autumnal. Their flesh is bi-colored with red and yellow vertical stripes along the sides. Apples are harvested at their peak, and then put into cold storage to maintain that perfect level of ripeness. When you receive delicious Fuji apples from The Fruit Company, they'll be ready to eat, no waiting required.