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A rather unique fruit, the Pluot is a juicy sweet mix of an apricot and a plum. They will have the appearance of a mottled plum. They’ll range in color from a red mottling, to a light yellow-orange. The skin will the tight, and thin, like a plum and be free of the apricot’s fuzz. Unlike the plumcot (another plum-apricot hybrid), the pluot is not a perfect 50-50 mix of plum and apricot, rather being 75% plum and only 25% apricot. This is an example of a painstakingly diligent development by Floyd Zaiger of Zaiger Genetics. It was developed in 1989 under very precise temperature control, with so much attention to delicacy that the pollen was even transferred between plants by use of tweezers. These special fruits are too unique to pass up, be sure to get yours and try their sweet perfection.

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Pluots Taste & Ripeness

Pluots will ripen much like a plum, maintaining their tight skin, and giving slightly to gentle pressure. While most people do not bother to peel the thin skin, do remember that there will be an inedible pit in the center.