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Discovered in southern Brazil in the early 1800’s by Friedrich Sellow, the Feijoa is one of those fruits that few Americans have ever heard of, let alone tasted. Surprisingly, the Feijoa is not named for the man who discovered it, but rather after a Brazilian botanist, Don da Silva Feijo, though his contribution to the fruit remains a mystery. The feijoa is an egg shaped, often green colored fruit, with a skin texture similar to a lime. The flesh is soft, and a little gritty like a pear or kiwi, with a jelly center and tiny edible seeds. Its flavor is delicate, with soft tropical flavors and notes of eucalyptus. Even though the skin is edible, most people peel this fruit, as the skin is often bitter. This fruit can be eaten raw on its own, but also makes an excellent addition to many sauces, and salads.

  • Fall

Feijoas Availability

Feijoas Taste & Ripeness

Feijoas are ripe when they are fragrant, and yield slightly to pressure. Once cut, the gelly center should be creamy to clear. They can be stored in the refrigerator, or at room temperature in a paper bag. Be careful to eat this fruit quickly, as they only last about 3-5 days when fully ripe.