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Kumquats have been grown in China and southeast Asia for centuries. In America, where other citrus - like the much loved Navel Orange dominate, the Kumquat quietly sits behind the scenes, pleasing those who already know just how good they are. The tiny oval grape-sized citrus eliminates the most frustrating part of any citrus – the peel. Because the Kumquat’s outer peel is so thin, it is completely edible. Wonderfully sweet and tart, kumquats can be eaten fresh, sliced and candied, layered on meats for cooking, or steeped into teas. They also serve an ornamental purpose, gracing many a Thanksgiving or Christmas table as decoration.

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Kumquat Availability

Kumquat Taste & Ripeness

Like most citrus, kumquats are best ripened on the tree. The Fruit Company gets all its citrus tree-ripened, so when they arrive at your door, feel free to enjoy your kumquats right away – no waiting required