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Ugli Fruit

Ugli Fruit

Developed in Jamaica from a chance seedling by FG Sharp and later exported in the 1930’s by his son, the Ugli fruit truly lives up to its “ugly” name, as it looks like a blotchy, lumpy citrus fruit. They range in size from that similar to an orange, all the way up to the softball-sized grapefruit. The deliciously juicy fruit is contained in a rough loose-fitting peel like that of an orange, and is segmented inside as well. Nearly seedless, the fruit is very popular among those who have tried it, as the flavor is similar to an orange-grapefruit cross, but with sweeter honey undertones. This is one of those fruits, where the older it looks, the sweeter it is, often requiring a “leap of faith” from its consumers.

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Ugli Fruit Availability

Only available in winter and spring, The Fruit Company brings Ugli Fruit in specially for our HarvestClub Exotica members in April.

Ugli Fruit Taste & Ripeness

Generally speaking, the uglier the better with this fruit. The rind should be loose on the fruit, giving it a somewhat deflated look, but should be free of soft spots. If you’re not planning to enjoy your Ugli fruit within a day or two, refrigeration keeps them fresh for as long as three weeks.