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Hermiston, Oregon is well known for its melons, and for good reason. Our baby sugar watermelon is exactly what you want your watermelon to be - deliciously juicy, bursting with flavor, and seedless! The beautiful dark and light green skin covers a thin rind, making sure you have as much pink-red flesh as possible to enjoy. Watermelon is actually a member of the cucumber family, and was first found in Africa. However ,the seedless variety is relatively new, only being developed in the late 30’s by a Japanese scientist at Kyoto University. Even though they were developed in the 30’s, they didn’t really make their commercial impression until the later part of the 20th century. Today, over half of the watermelon grown in the United States is seedless. Watermelons make a great addition to fruit salads, mixed with cold beverages, or served alongside fish and other white meats.

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Watermelon Taste & Ripeness

Your watermelon should have a nice even color pattern, with the potential for a yellow patch where the fruit laid on the ground. Even though this fruit is technically seedless, there may be trace white seeds inside the pink flesh that are completely edible.